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"Stop Smoking Now"
Stop Smoking
Take back control of your life easily and permanently
Imagine how good it will feel to be a non-smoker, healthy, fit, and energetic with fresh breath and a radiant smile. Quit for good, feel fantastic and save money.
Using the LATEST SURESTOP hypnosis programme quit cigarettes EASILY, PERMANENTLY and SAFELY without withdrawal symptoms or cravings. One deeply relaxing and pleasant session is all it takes.
Do you want to quit this poisonous, dirty cigarette habit and be free forever?
Answer these questions honestly before you make your final decision..This could be the most important decision you will ever make.THIS COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE
  Are you worried about your health or fear how your health might be in the future?
  Are you secretly embarrassed when talking to people that they will be offended by the rancid smell of tobacco from your breath, hair, clothes or skin?
  Do you feel guilty that you may be setting a bad example to your children and they might begin to smoke because you do?
  Have you ever had flu or a cough which just wouldnt go away?
  Are you concerned that the slightest exertion makes you puff and pant?
  Can you admit that your cigarette habit will quite likely make you more susceptible to serious illness and premature death?
  Does part of you hate cigarettes for the control that have over your life and the way that they make you feel?
If you have answered yes to any of these questions then the time to take action is NOW!
Stop Smoking
The Benefits of Being a Happy, Healthy, Non Smoker
  Vastly reduce your risk of getting a Life Threatening Illness.
  Improved Health. Healthy Heart and Lungs.
  Improved Fitness. Breath easily and comfortably.
  Increased Energy and Vitality.
  Enjoy your natural ability to properly smell and taste food.
  Fresh Breath, Clean Teeth and Mouth.
  No Smell off Hair, Skin and Clothes.
  Contentment from Setting a Healthy Example for Your Children.
  More Money in Your Pocket to Spend as You Please.
  Increased self esteem and confidence.
  If you enjoy Sports take your game to The Next Level.
 There are huge financial savings to be made by kicking the habit.
 For someone who smokes on average 20 cigarettes a day at todays prices they stand to save 2,730 per annum, for the rest of their lives.
 This increases to 4,095 for someone who currently smokes on average 30 cigarettes per day.
 For a couple who both smoke 20 cigarettes per day the annual savings are potentially a staggering 5,460.
 That would go a long way towards a great holiday or financing a new car, to put alongside longer life expectancy, increased health and vitality, clear skin, white teeth and fresh breath.
Great Holiday
Stop Smoking Forever. It is Easy and Natural, Using The Power of Hypnosis
  For the vast majority of smokers one pleasant and relaxing 2 hour session is all that is required.
  A small number of people may require a booster session at a later date which I provide free of charge.
  Quit with no cravings, pain or unwanted side affects.
  For those with concerns about weight gain I provide specially tailored hypnotic suggestions to maintain current eating habits and weight.
 Herein lies the power of hypnotherapy, using hypnosis we have direct access to the resources of our subconscious minds, where our habit lies, and we can address the root cause of our addiction and the behaviors that go hand in hand with it. People are helped to take back control and quit for good.
 At Sean Mc Gee Hypnotherapy the therapy is tailored to the individual needs of each client. If you are fed up being controlled by this destructive habit and have perhaps tried to stop smoking without success before now is the time to discover that the solution lies in the power of your own subconscious mind.
Contact Me Sean Mc Gee Hypnotherapy
 Name:  Sean Mc Gee Hypnotherapy
 Address Main Clinic:  Ballymagroarty Scotch
   Co Donegal
 Telephone:  00 353 74 97 34182
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 Telephone Northern Ireland:  07796572203
 Secondary Clinic (Wednesday)  Food For Thought
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